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  • Dear Mike:

    A few years ago when I used your service, I was headed back to New York for the summer, secure in the knowledge that my pool would be fine because of the great job you did finding and repairing my leak.

    Now I’m writing as I arrive back in Florida for the winter. Returning after a season’s absence, I always find so many things broken or falling apart from disuse. This time, the one thing I was confident that would be fine was the pool you were able to fix when my brother, who watches my house, called you.

    Not only do you always do a meticulous job in searching for the source of the problem and then fixing it, but you are so professional and homorable to deal with. I have the greatest respect and admiration for you and for the way you run your business.

    Jackie Wein
  • Dear Mike,

    I would like to thank you so much for your assistance in fixing our leak in our pool. At this time we unfortunately were unable to have the pool refinished and with it leaking like it was – it had made our lives so frustrating with constantly filling it and adding more chemicals. With you fixing the leak at this time it has helped us out tremendously.

    Thank you again for your great service.


    Virginia and Mike Dulmage
  • Dear Mr. Augeri,

    I wish to express my satisfaction and appreciation in regard to the services rendered to assist in the repair of my pool You conducted yourself with great professionalism, respect, and your experience was obvious. Sunrise Leak Detection was highly recommended by Morningside Pools, but the competitive rates of your services were the defining factors in selecting your company to address my pool repair needs. I’m very pleased with the decision. In the current business environment and considering the poor reputation generally bestowed upon contractors by a few bad apples; it’s refreshing to meet a businessman like yourself who is fair, considerate, and sincere.

    You efficiently and accurately located the leak beneath my concrete pool deck. Although I elected to complete the repair on my own, you were generous enough to share your knowledge, tips, and techniques that allowed me to completely perform the repair work myself. In most cases I find service contractors tend to hold the dollar above all else. It is encouraging to find a contractor who believes in customer satisfaction, and is considerate of the customer even at the risk of sacrificing potential profits. I intend to recommend Sunrise Leak Detection to address the needs of other pool owners who value quality and excellence. Thank you for providing superior service.

    Matthew R. Yates